Change Log: 1/4/2023

Jason M Cohen
Jason M Cohen


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  • Updated overview on main page.
  • Minor update to Jason's biography.


  • Happy New Year! Returning to Japan (for work) for the first time in ~3 years was wonderful - and as busy as could be expected. I had hoped to publish at least one chapter while overseas, but the holidays and nature of the chapter kept the editorial team and I from focusing on the publication process.
  • Northern Vietnam was very interesting and very easy to visit. We rode a motorcycle around the Ha Jiang loop, which borders Yunnan and grows green tea and a version of Pu'er. Tea is not much of a cultural item in Northern Vietnam, but some of the hill tribes continue to produce and use more traditional variations.

Change Log

Jason M Cohen

Master of Ceremonies at Tea Technique. Founder & CEO of Simulacra Synthetic Data Studio. Previously: Founder of Analytical Flavor Systems & Founder of the Tea Institute at Penn State (defunct).