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teatechnique.org is the online publication of "An Introduction to the Art & Science of Chinese Tea Ceremony", a multi-part web-book series by Jason M. Cohen.

Jason hiking up the tea mountain in Korea

My motivation for writing this series is to improve the level of advanced-practitioner knowledge of tea ceremony in the English speaking world. From 2009 - 2016 I was able to propagate and advance the praxis of tea by teaching students of the Tea Institute at Penn State. Since moving to New York in 2016, I have continued my personal practice, alone. When COVID-19 caused lockdown and quarantine restrictions around the world, I went from traveling over 200,000 (qualified) miles on Delta alone (in my role as Founder & CEO of Analytical Flavor Systems) to spending quite a bit of time in my personal tea room. Never one to let a good crisis go to waste, I've used this ongoing quarantine period to finish, at least in part, the book series I first started writing in 2012.

This website hosts the most up-to-date canonical version of each book in the series. The first book On Theory, Meta Theory, and Culture was finished on December 16th 2021; the second book in the series on Yixing Teapots will soon undergo editing.

Tradition and Lineage

Tea Technique and the series, An Introduction to the Art & Science of Chinese Tea Ceremony, are written in the literati gentlemen-scholar tradition. The viewpoint of all chapters strives for rational interpretation, historical accuracy, and contemporary application.

While I have the upmost respect for the spiritual path of tea (and have extensively practiced various forms of Buddhism), and while some chapters discuss the religious history of Neo-Confucianism, Buddhism, and Daoism in China, the spiritual path is not my path.

The goal of my particular tradition of Chinese Tea Ceremony is to brew good tea. The contents of Tea Technique covers the techniques of brewing, the identification and understanding of specific teas, and analysis on the contemporary cultural anthropology and sociology of upper level GongFu tea practice.

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While the first book is written and the second book is undergoing editing, the discussions, debates, and updates continue; practitioners will learn and contribute more by engaging with the author, contributors, and other subscribers.  

BOOK 0 - An Introduction to the Art & Science of Chinese Tea Ceremony: Author's Foreword


My mea culpa and a required definition in defense of the word "ceremony".

Table of Contents

  1. Dear Reader - [open access; published]

  2. Ceremony: A Working Definition - [open access; published]

BOOK 1 - An Introduction to the Art & Science of Chinese Tea Ceremony: On Theory, Meta Theory, and Culture


The first book in the series analyzes the historical antecedents of our contemporary praxis and the challenges practitioners face in progressing the future of Chinese Tea Ceremony.  

Table of Contents

  1. Levels of Practice
  2. The Primacy of Perception in the Propagation of Praxes

  3. Aesthetic Experience and Aesthetic Context
  4. The Future of Chinese Tea Ceremony
  5. A Bourdieu’dian Analysis for the Construction of an Education in Tea - [no content]
  6. Wealth and Knowledge in contemporary Chinese Tea Ceremony - [no content]
  7. Historical Scholastic Disinterest
  8. Why is Phenomenism important?

  9. Simulacrum and the Road to Hell - [no content]
  10. Immanentize the Eschaton

  11. The Future of Tea Ceremony Redux