Our Zeitgeist and Milieu

The contemporary world is in constant addictive reaction to sensation and sensationalism – industry and commercialism can trigger us, play on our emotions, manipulate our desires, and sell us solutions to problems we may or may not have. Our milieu is defined by the ceaseless commercial interests that attempt to persuade us that the sensation they offer can create the reality that we as individuals crave. We can use their product and enter the hyperreality that we’ve been sold.

This has caused the rise of Simulacrum: the representation of a thing lacking the substance of the original[1]. Simulacrum has become the defacto method in which we interact with a corporatized, digitized, and visual-driven world; the contemporary milieu of post-fact untruth consumed throughout the world was paved with the “good” intentions of advertising, marketing, and brand building[2].

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