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Tea Technique is dedicated to progressing the praxis of Chinese Tea Ceremony. Written for advanced practitioners, the site contains unique content, analysis, and discussions unavailable elsewhere in English.

The primary reason to subscribe is to support the writing, editing, and publication of An Introduction to the Art & Science of Chinese Tea Ceremony series.

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Subscriptions are set at $8 per month, or $75 per year (a 22% discount).

This is approximately the cost of one ~100 - 300 page full color technical reference book. Tea Technique provides at least as much value as the same material in a printed book, and the yearly subscription is priced equivalently.  

The Disclaimers

  1. The only product of Tea Technique is knowledge and education - I do not sell tea or teaware.
  2. No Promotion - members may make recommendations of tea or sources of teaware for education; merchants may not post promotions.
  3. Debate in good faith - I strongly support active discussion and disagreement between members to uncover new viewpoints and information. Civil discourse is at an all time low in western society and particularly rare on the internet, and thus, I've opted to make this a subscriber only forum to create a space for rational discussion and debate on topics related to Chinese tea.