Not-Zisha Blending Material

Other material mined in Yixing and blended with Zisha include:

Jiani (甲泥, “first clay”)

In addition to its common use as a clay material for daily use wares, both high quality and bulk jiani (甲泥, “first clay”)[1] is often blended with various zisha clays to modify textural attributes and firing properties.

Jiani varies in its material properties, including textural attributes and firing performance, depending on the production region and sub-type. Jiani is generally plastic and easily formed into small and large wares with good shapeability, suitable for hand-building and mold-formed wares. The clay has a wide sintering temperature range, from 1150°C – 1250°C, and a low-to-medium shrinkage rate[2] around ~6%.

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