Zisha Blending Materials

The two Zisha blending ores are:

Shihuang (石黄) and Shihong (石红) Blending Ore

Shihuang (石黄), also called Shihong (石红) depending on its coloration, is a minor nenni-strata zisha ore found in ovoid “egg shaped” concretions: a semi-spherical hard shell of ore-material surrounding a distinct core. Concretions are a relatively rare formation, forming early in the sedimentary history of the strata in which they are found. The exterior-ore and interior-ore are distinct materials. The zisha concretions’ extremely hard shell contains goethite and hematite[1]; while the core material is soft and contains a high concentration of a specific iron-compound, causing its unique coloration ranging from pale-yellow to deep-red.

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