Change Log: 12/16/2021

Jason M Cohen
Jason M Cohen


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  • As always - appologies for the delay in publishing this final chapter. It's always a busy time of year and Ryan has been on the road for 4+ weeks, currently working in Egypt. We took the time to get this last chapter right.
  • It feels both amazing and anticlimactic to have finished the first book! In a way, this book has been finished for a long time (I write the whole book, and then we edit chapter by chapter), and I've already writen large portions of later books in this series, including most of Book 2. So there's both a small sense of relief and a much larger sense of the remaining work to be done.
  • To celebrate finishing the first book during the holiday season, we're offering a discounted membership for anyone interested. Join us yourself or consider giving the membership as a gift. The discounted membership lasts 1-year and grants access to all content; available until the first week of January here:  

Change Log

Jason M Cohen

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