Change Log: 2/21/2023

Jason M Cohen
Jason M Cohen


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  • By popular demand, we've moved the time of this weeks (Thursday Feb 23rd) AMA back 1 hour - the AMA will be hosted live on zoom at 8pm EST; please join us here!
  • You can still send your questions in advance to me (just respond to this email!) or to the editorial team on Instagram. We will answer questions both live and sent in advance. The AMA will be recorded and avalable on YouTube.
  • This weeks Editorial Conversation is posted a day late because I was out celebrating my birthday yesterday. It was fun. We drank good tea all weekend and ate very good food.

Change Log

Jason M Cohen

Master of Ceremonies at Tea Technique. Founder & CEO of Simulacra Synthetic Data Studio. Previously: Founder of Analytical Flavor Systems & Founder of the Tea Institute at Penn State (defunct).