Change Log: 3/1/2023

Jason M Cohen
Jason M Cohen


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  • Thank you to all of the subscribers and friends who attended the first Tea Technique bi-monthly Talk, Taste, and Troubleshoot! We had an interesting set of tea, identified the provenance and unique qualities of two Yixing teapots, and found a good pairing for one of them.
  • The next bi-monthly Talk, Taste, and Troubleshoot is scheduled for March 14th at 5pm - 7:30pm EST. As always - feel free to bring difficult tea or teapots for triage and troubleshooting, tea for age or provenance verification, questions for the group, or just show up to taste some good tea from Jason's collection. Subscribers are welcome to bring a guest.
Change Log

Jason M Cohen

Master of Ceremonies at Tea Technique. Founder & CEO of Simulacra Synthetic Data Studio. Previously: Founder of Analytical Flavor Systems & Founder of the Tea Institute at Penn State (defunct).