Change Log: 3/30/2023

Jason M Cohen
Jason M Cohen


Other Content:

  • Published AMA #3, recorded last month and focused on Yixing Teapots.


  • This chapter is extra long and published all at once because we may take ~2 weeks off publishing since....
  • Big News:
The Editorial team and I are returning to China to work on research projects for Tea Technique. The trip will run from April 21st - May 10th.

Our tentative itinerary is:

  1. April 21st - 23rd: Shanghai
  2. April 24th - 26th: Yixing
  3. April 27th - 30th: Chaozhou
  4. May 1st - 5th: unknown, this week is still in planning - please email us if you'd like to coordinate.
  5. May 5th - 10th: probably Taiwan.

It's been far too long since I've returned to China, and over 10 years since Pat and I have traveled in Asia together - we couldn't be more excited to visit old friends, meet new friends, and spend time focusing on tea. If you're based in China or Taiwan and want to meet, please don't hesitate to email us - we'd love to share tea with you and meet in person.

Change Log

Jason M Cohen

Master of Ceremonies at Tea Technique. Founder & CEO of Simulacra Synthetic Data Studio. Previously: Founder of Analytical Flavor Systems & Founder of the Tea Institute at Penn State (defunct).