Change Log: 4/30/2023

Jason M Cohen
Jason M Cohen


  • No Changes (Research Break).

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  • Hello from Shenzhen! We're half-way though our research trip, and I can't wait to get back to writing the Yixing book - the insperation from this trip is strong (though... I would also opt to stay in the tea mountains forever).
  • I have more than a notebook of new information to transcribe for the future books in the series; we've learned a lot of new information on topics beyond Yixing Zisha teapots.
  • I would like to thank, both personally and on behalf of the Tea Technique Team, all of our (as yet unnamed) tea friends in Shanghai, Yixing, Chaozhou, and Shenzhen for making this trip possible and succcessful - you all personally embody the culture of tea, and I could be more thankful to have you as friends and teachers.
Change Log

Jason M Cohen

Master of Ceremonies at Tea Technique. Founder & CEO of Simulacra Synthetic Data Studio. Previously: Founder of Analytical Flavor Systems & Founder of the Tea Institute at Penn State (defunct).